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A little about me

I'm originally from the East Bay Area, but I lived in San Luis Obispo while attending school and working full-time afterwards. I moved back to the bay area in 2018.

I care a lot about open-source and using software for good. In my free time I'm usually looking for issues to pick up on open-source projects that I like. One of my prouder moments was helping to stand up a service that let constituents call their representatives about Right to Repair legislation.

I spent most of my time around JavaScript, but I like learning things in general. I've been learning some languages like go and elixir on the side, and I've been trying to bake sourdough for a little (like every other person on the planet, I know).

Repositories I've Been Working On Recently

copperwall/nullthrows (0 stars, 0 forks)

copperwall/node-site (0 stars, 0 forks)

copperwall/copperwall (0 stars, 0 forks)

copperwall/hacker-news-frontend (3 stars, 2 forks)

copperwall/copperwall-site (0 stars, 0 forks)

copperwall/advent-of-code-2022 (1 stars, 0 forks)

copperwall/sicp (0 stars, 0 forks)

copperwall/core.js (3 stars, 1 forks)

copperwall/overwat (5 stars, 0 forks)

copperwall/Cat-Defense (1 stars, 1 forks)

Repositories I Contribute To

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