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Why Transducers Are Cool

18 March, 2019

I mostly got the inspiration for writing this post after reading the Appendix A of Functional-Light JavaScript, which explains the concepts…

Implementing Promise.all

10 March, 2019

Promise.all is a static method on the Promise object that takes a list of items and returns a promise that resolves with a list containing…

Reflections on the last year

03 March, 2019

It's March, which means my birthday is coming up, which means that another year has gone by. I haven't written on my personal blog in a long…

What's been happening

10 December, 2017

I haven't posted in like half a year, and that's kind of sad, but shit's busy yo. Summer Over the summer me and a coworker helped add the…

Actually using Jekyll correctly

08 April, 2017

This is a little bit of a meta post about how this blog runs and how I'm changing it. Background This blog is generated using Jekyll , a…

Quick Jail Updating in FreeBSD

19 February, 2017

I've been splitting different services on my servers into their own jails so that they can be isolated for security and isolation purposes…

Using Docker Compose with web apps

03 February, 2017

Inspiration I recently got to set up a multi-service web app with Docker Compose . I found that Docker Compose handled most of the problems…

My Thoughts on MeetBSD 2016

13 November, 2016

Intros Introductions were very cool. The conference was small enough that every single person was able to introduce themselves in front of…

Dockerizing Pulldasher

23 October, 2016

This weekend I made some changes to Pulldasher that allows it to be run in a Docker container. Pulldasher is a dashboard for Github pull…

Using Weechat for IRC

14 August, 2016

IRC is pretty cool, you can find chat rooms for almost any topic rizon or ask questions and talk about technology and open source…

Oops, this still exists

31 July, 2016

Oops, I kind of forgot that this still exists. I'm going to actually start using this again to document things. This'll include projects I…

Finding a Routine

02 May, 2015

Today I was able to do something I haven't been able to for a very long time. I woke up on my own and I made myself coffee in my own kitchen…

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