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Oops, this still exists

Oops, I kind of forgot that this still exists.

I'm going to actually start using this again to document things. This'll include projects I do in my spare time, things that I do that are worth sharing, things that I think are super cool, and maybe things I think aren't super cool (every once in a while). I'm also going to try and find a better theme for this, or maybe try and make one, in order to give this page a little more personality.

In order for this post to be not entirely meta, here's a neat factoid about today. I made a large batch of green tea and chilled it in the freezer by steeping gunpowerder green tea in boiling water and then moving the tea into a fairly large mason jar, probably a liter in volume. It only took about an hour before I could place the mason jar in the freezer without it shattering and about 30 minutes from then to taste test it and move it to the fridge until I drank all of it at midnight and got amped and here I am still awake at 3AM. Oops.

It was pretty quick for a batch of chilled tea, but it didn't taste like iced tea, it tasted like tea that was brewed hot and then cooled down. I started another batch tonight of a mango black tea from NM Tea Co. in room temperature water that will sit overnight. Maybe that'll have a little more refreshing of a taste than today's batch. I'll make sure to have less of it after it gets dark so I can go to sleep before 4AM tomorrow, not that being nocturnal is all that bad.

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